When introduced a smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: response from the management of the company

Когда представят смартфон Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: ответ руководства компании

Soon after the first hints of the company’s management about filling Xiaomi smartphone Mi 4 Mix the network began to appear the rumors about a possible date of announcement. Representatives of the Chinese vendor was not slow to make an official announcement about the release date of new items.

Date of announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix. As reported Gizchina, users of Chinese microblogging service Weibo has appealed to the President of Xiaomi Lin Bina with a question, we can expect the announcement of the Mi 4 Mix in August.

The response of the head of the brand was succinct: “No.” However, this does not mean that the smartphone is not under development: judging by the release dates of the previous line of devices, the company presumably will present the new product in September or October this year.

Когда представят смартфон Xiaomi Mi Mix 4: ответ руководства компании

Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix will get the built-in display, fingerprint scanner

Technical characteristics Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix is not declared. The smartphone is credited with the built-in display, fingerprint scanner, support fast charging with 100 watts and a camera with optical zoom.

Given that Qualcomm expects commercial shipments of its flagship Snapdragon Plus 855 in the second half of this year, it is not excluded that the smartphone will be built on the basis of a new product and get 5G modem.

Price. The exact date of announcement and the price Xiaomi Mi 4 Mix is not declared.

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