When María Félix humiliated Irma Serrano

When María Félix humiliated Irma Serrano

The feud between the two actresses arose after a meeting at the house of “La Doña”

When María Félix humiliated Irma Serrano

In various interviews Irma Serrano referred to María Félix as a frivolous mummy (Photos : Cuartoscuro)

In the world of entertainment there is a great variety of controversies due to enmities that are created along the way, such is the case of the “clash” that existed between the actress and singer, Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano Castro, better known as La Tigresa, who died on March 1 and also actress María Félix.

La Tigresa, who will be veiled in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas,He amassed a fortune throughout his career, but he also had some rivalries that caused controversy in the history of the show.

And it is that Irma Serrano once shared the anecdote of the bad taste of mouth left by the also actress María Félix, who died in April 2002. Several celebrities even confirmed the strong character that the also called María Bonita had.

The rivalry between the two actresses began when, in the middle of a party reception, La DoñaIt bothered La Tigresa, because she insisted that she sing so that her guests could enjoy her beautiful voice. However, the singer felt extremely humiliated by María Félix's attitude and left the place.

< p class="paragraph">Despite the mishap, Irma Serrano was not the only one to disagree with the hostess's actions, as it is said that Lola Beltrán < b>and Fight Villathey also withdrew from the party that night.

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Irma Serrano confessed that she felt ridiculed by the attitude that María Félix had with her at a party. (Photo: file)

From that event La Tigresa she took advantage of every interview she had to lash out at María Felix since her experience had made her consider the protagonist of Doña Bárbara as a rude and ignorant person.

“I could be the daughter of that mummy. I say mummy because she is frivolous, every time that lady steps on Mexican soil she is to insult the city . That she do something more than keep pimps, that she do something for this society, for this city full of filth, as she says. I can't share her opinionsI don't think she has any opinions, that lady is totally uneducated,” Serrano said in an interview that takes up the YouTube channel María Félix Vlogs.

Although María Bonita became an icon of Mexican cinema she has been harshly criticized not only by colleagues in the media but also because of the audience that did not agree with the behavior that he demonstrated many times.

“Beauty becomes grotesque when it is not accompanied by a light inside”, said La tigressa regarding the relationship she had with the actress.

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Character and personality from "La Doña" They always gave a lot to talk about, this caused him enmity with several people in the middle. (Photo: File)

It is worth mentioning that when the starbegan to make her way in the world of entertainment, María Félix was already a highly recognized actress and had participated in films such as El Peñón de las Ánimas, La mujer sin alma, Everyone's Woman, Ash Wednesday, La Valentina, among others.

For her part, Irma Serrano began her career in the entertainment industry in 1962, when she debuted as a singer and later as an actress in the films The son of Gabino Barrera, The love affairs of Juan Charrasqueado, Santo against the Tigress, among others.

Much has been said about the characteristic character and personality of María Félix, loved by many and hated by others, what is undeniable is the legacy she left for the film industry and for Mexican culture well, Despite the fact that he is 19 years old since he died, he is still giving people something to talk about.

When María Félix humiliated Irma Serrano

Currently the vedette and actress Irma Serrano is 88 years old and resides in her home state of Chiapas. (Photo: Twitter/@gilbertobrenis)

Currently Irma Serrano lives in her home in Chiapas, her native state and despite being very discerning in the way Maria is Félix, something that the actresses did share was a taste for eccentricities and luxury objects.

It is not known exactly what all the properties and land that Irma Serrano has had throughout her life. There are some notions such as that she had a house in Acapulco; On the other hand, as Gustavo Adolfo Infante once mentioned in an interview he did with the actress in 2015, 'La Tigresa' has lived in places most luxurious and expensive in the Mexican capital: from El Pedregal, passing through Lomas de Chapultepec and up to Polanco.