White Cap: kayya Herberg shopping in new York

Leather coat + hoodie + jeans + cotton bag Yves Saint Laurent = the perfect саsuаl lооk every day

Белая Шапочка: Кайя Герберг на шопинге в Нью-Йорке

Shopping is not the best cure for heart wounds, unless the grocery store, as is the case with Kaia Gerber, provided that packets containing only healthy foods. He was photographed by paparazzi 18-year-old model on the way out of the store with a package of juice. Apparently, she decided a little more time to pay attention to their health this year and make myself a little detox.

It’s time to deal with them: most recently, Kaia broke up with my now ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson and, most likely, is not experiencing the best of times. To calm down and recover from stress and anxiety, it is best to start to conduct a correct way of life. This helps not only physical, but also the psychological too. Healthy body, healthy mind!

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