White House: Iran may receive fighter jets for military support from Russia

White House: Iran may receive fighter jets for military support from Russia

White House: Russia may face punishment for military support ;hooks

White House security spokesman John Kirby.

Washington – The United States believes that Russia could provide Iran with fighter jets in exchange for increased support for the war against Ukraine. This was said today by the spokesman of the White House for security issues, John Kirby, who described the increasing military cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in front of reporters. North Korea is also said to have joined in the military support of Russia.

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Washington has information that Iran supplied Russia with artillery and tank ammunition in November, according to Kirby. The statement follows earlier findings about the deployment of Iranian drones in Russia's campaign against Ukraine.

“We believe that Russia could provide unprecedented military support to Iran,” Kirby said of the Russian side of the described cooperation. Specifically, he mentioned the supply of missiles, air defense systems, electronics and also combat aircraft. According to him, Tehran is also seeking to purchase helicopters and radars.

Kirby, according to Reuters, also mentioned the DPRK, which allegedly supplied weapons to the mercenary Wagner group. Moscow has been using this in the war against Ukraine practically from the beginning, recently the paramilitary organization has become visible in the battles for the city of Bakhmut in the east of the attacked country.

As far as military support for Russia is concerned, recently there has been speculation mainly about the possible China's involvement. A few days ago, Washington came out with the claim that Beijing is considering providing Russia with equipment for fighting in Ukraine, including weapons and ammunition. The Chinese government has denied this claim, saying that supplying arms to the warring parties only prolongs the war.