Who could be the next “Adventurer”, according to Carmen Salinas

Who could be the next “Adventurer”, according to Carmen Salinas

Among the actresses who have played the role of “Elena Tejero” are Edith Márquez, Niurka, Maribel Guardia and Ninel Conde

Who could be the next “Adventurer”, according to Carmen Salinas

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Adventurer, it could be one of the most emblematic works of Mexico and, behind this production, Carmen Salinas has been present .

The staging is an adaptation of the 1949 Mexican film starring Ninón Sevilla, based on a story by Álvaro Custodio and the first to interpret to “Elena Tejero” was Edith Márquez. At that time, Carmen Salinas had considered Itatí Cantoral(the unforgettable Soraya Montenegro from María la del barrio) to be the first Adventurer, but she canceled because she was offered to do a soap opera.

I wanted Itatí (Cantoral) , María Antonieta Pons reminded me with her body(Cuban actress and rumba dancer, she was the first actress to appear in the famous rumberas cinema, vedettes who would become icons for several decades in Mexico), she comes from a trip to Europe and told me that she already had the commitment to make a telenovela with Emilio la Rosa. But I already had all the other actors ready and that was when Itatí told me that he couldn't because they had offered him to do a telenovela and he wouldn't have time,” Carmen Salinas recounted some time later.

Thus, the late Edith González became the first Adventurer for a year at the Los Angeles Hall.She demonstrated her acting range not only by playing an innocent young woman who becomes a tough star, but also because she had talent, poise, and elegance to dance.

Who could be the next “Adventurer”, according to Carmen Salinas

(IG: carmensalinas_56)< p class="paragraph">Niurka, Maribel Guardia, Sabine Moussier or Ninel CondeThere have been other actresses who have also earned the power to play the classic character in this play over time, however, recently, Carmen Salinas revealed who she has set her sights on for a new cast.

< p class="paragraph">And to the surprise, Sofía Castro, who is the daughter of Angélica Rivera “La Gaviota” could be the next “Elena Tejero”, according to the first actress.

< p class="paragraph">“If I had an Adventurer I would include her daughter, Sofía, because she is also a great actress. Seriously, I would put her in, because how beautiful she dances and sings. I write often with Angélica and she agreed to come and it doesn't take long”, said Carmen Salinas in a meeting with the media.

What is Aventurera?

In 1950 The Adventurer was born. The story of Elena Tejero, a young woman from Chihuahua who, due to the sudden abandonment of her mother and the suicide of her father, has to fend for herself and embarks on a journey that confronts her with the trafficking of women and the world of cabaret women in Mexico in the forties and fifties.

Who could be the next “Adventurer”, according to Carmen Salinas

Angélica Rivera's daughter was mentioned by Carmen Salinas (Photo: Ig @sogia_96castro)

With the warmth of the drink, musical numbers worthy of the time and a story with just the right amount of drama, comedy, and revenge;Mexican filmmaker Alberto Gout, well-known cabaret film director, or rumberas for films such as Smoke in the Eyes or Revancha, dedicated the Cuban-Mexican actress Emelia Pérez Castellanos , better known as Ninón Sevilla, to stardom.

The actress, born in Havana, Cuba, in 1921, became “The queen of the rumberas”, an international sex symbol, for her perfect body and her talent for dancing. On screen, Ninón plays an innocent Elena, from a wealthy family, who lives in the city of Chihuahua. Focused on dance and her family life, her innocence is interrupted when she discovers her mother with a man who is not her father.

As a domino effect, that discovery leads to the suicide of her father and Elena travel to Ciudad Juárez to earn a living and end up working in a nightclub. At first, Elena is opposed. But she soon finds that her life is in danger if she refuses to work for Rosaura and debuts as a dancer.