Who is the judge who decreed the bankruptcy of the Argentine Mail

Who is the judge who decreed the bankruptcy of the Argentine Mail

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Who is the judge who decreed the bankruptcy of the Argentine Mail

Marta Cirulli is the Civil and Commercial judge who decreed the bankruptcy of Correo Argentino, the company of the former president’s family Mauricio Macri after a long judicial process of more than 20 years.

With a long judicial career, she took up the bankruptcy case and was questioned at every step she took by the lawyers of the postal company who accused her of favor and give place to all the requests that the Treasury Attorney Carlos Zannini was promoting.

In fact, she was challenged together with the prosecutor close to Kirchnerism Gabriela Boquín by the representatives of Socma SA, the Post’s controller. Although the Commercial Chamber ratified it in the record.

During the bankruptcy case, he always stood on the side of the prosecutor Boquín, who also rejected the company’s proposals and always aligned herself with the positions of Kirchnerism.

The Procurator of the Treasury, Carlos Zannini, requested the bankruptcy of the Argentine Mail as lawyer of the national State. Photo Federico López Claro.

Cirulli is the judge Macri pointed to in the letter who wrote a day before the ruling came out and where he questioned the development of the Post’s case. He argued that if he ruled against the agreement, he would set “an obscure historical milestone that will mean the destruction of legal security in our country.”

After Cirulli’s ruling, the Argentine Mail also questioned her about her performance in a statement. “Today is a disastrous day for Argentine commercial justice.
The bankruptcy was resolved by a challenged judge. “

In Justice they define her as a career magistrate, With a long journey in the judicial system and that due to his age, about 68, he should already be a chambermaid. The Mail cause, some argue, he grabbed it at the final stage of his career and they venture that “he was too big.” She always had a low profile and the Post Office file forced her to expose herself.

In March 2020, Cirulli ordered the “full intervention” of the company Correo Argentino SA and the “total displacement” of its managers after a series of measures requested by the prosecutor Boquín close to Kirchnerism. Many believe that the judge was permeable to pressure from the prosecutor and the Treasury Attorney Carlos Zannini, who was fully involved in the case and was targeted by Macri who accused him of “manipulating” the Justice to seek “revenge” about him and his children.