Who said, when waiting for a vaccine against coronavirus

В ВОЗ сказали, когда ждать вакцину против коронавируса

The world health organization is working to create a vaccine against the coronavirus. However, waiting for the finished vaccine earlier than in a year should not be.

A spokeswoman for the who in the Russian Federation – Melita Vujnović noted that work on a vaccine is carried out in several laboratories of the world, writes .

Talking about the production of a vaccine is generally not going

Melita Vujnović

“Work on a vaccine for the coronavirus is carried out in many countries, including in several scientific centers in Russia. This process is multistage and long lasting, which includes not only the synthesis of the drug, but careful clinical trials. So you can wait for the finished vaccine not earlier than next year.”

“Thus, the question of production does not go”, – said predstavitelia who.

Important! While there are no drugs or vaccines against coronavirus. If You offer them to buy it, it’s speculation and fraud.

That was the vaccine, it is necessary not only to develop and clinically investigate and register. Vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 develop multiple research groups, manufacturers in several countries. There are more than a dozen “vaccine candidates”.

В ВОЗ сказали, когда ждать вакцину против коронавируса

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