Why are these exercises so important?

Why are these exercises so important?

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Why are these exercises so important?

The Russian Black Sea Fleet stated that warplanes from its air units and those of the Southern Military District participated in the exercises.

“The aircraft crews carried out training flights over the Black Sea, which included missile strikes and shelling of enemy ship models,” the Russian news agency quoted the fleet as saying.

“Among the aircraft that participated in the training were Sukhoi Su-30 multipurpose fighters, Sukhoi Su-24 bombers, Sukhoi Su-34 fighter-bombers and Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jets,” the report added.

The exercises come as NATO, Ukraine and their allies are conducting large-scale “Sea Breeze” exercises in the region.

Russian fighters flew over a British warship a few days ago, and naval vessels approached it.

Moscow challenged last week the right of the British destroyer “Defender” to pass through the waters near the Crimea, while Britain defended its right to do so.

Russia annexed the peninsula from Ukraine in 2014, but most of the world still recognizes it as part of Ukraine.

Russia said the ship had entered its territorial waters illegally, and accused London of a “provocation”.

He stressed that it may bomb ships of the British Navy if it took more such actions off the Crimea.

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