Why Ignacio López Tarso left the priesthood for acting

Why Ignacio López Tarso left the priesthood for acting

The renowned Mexican actor was a seminarian in his youth at the invitation of a priest, however he decided to abandon the faith to pursue his dream of becoming an actor

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Ignacio López Tarso recalled his facet as a seminarian in his youth (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

This March 12, 2023, the death of acclaimed actor Ignacio López Tarso was announced. , who died at the age of 98 in Mexico City, after being hospitalized for pulmonary and intestinal complications.

The news has caused a stir in the entertainment world, as it was considered as one of the last prevailing actors of the Mexican gold cinema.It should be noted that not long ago he would have made his last appearances in television series, being Vecinos one of the shows in which he participated.

The actor had a prolific career since he became a Golden Cinema icon with the film Macario , for which he won numerous awards . But López Tarso, although he always had the desire to study acting, before that he entered a seminary with a view to becoming a priest.

Already as a child, the veteran actor was impressed with the world of acting, film and theater, however it was in his youth that he joined a seminary to continue his studies, this due to that his family could not afford to transfer him to a boarding school.

“When I sought to continue my studies, my father did not have enough financial freedom to even send me to a boarding school. to Toluca”, recounted Ignacio López Tarso in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante for his program The minute that changed my destiny.

Why Ignacio López Tarso left the priesthood for acting

Due to his family's financial problems, the actor he had to enter a seminary (Photos: Infobae México)

It was then that the town priest, a friend of Ignacio López Tarso's father, convinced the family so that the actor today enter the seminary to continue studying.

“He said: 'Let him go to the seminary, I'll open the seminary door for him, there are magnificent teachers there. He goes to study a lot, they do a lot of sports', in a town in Temascalcingo, in the State of Mexico and I left. They were wonderful days at the seminary”, recalled the interpreter on the program Image Television.

The respected actor recalled that he spent four years studying the seminary, however, he admitted that he did not have the vocation to become a priest, so he decided to leave the place.

“There I studied Latin, I studied Greek, humanities, philosophy (…) So, I already said no, not anymore because I didn't have a vocation to be a priest. I never thought of being a priest. One day the father, the rector told me: 'Look, you are occupying a place that the church needs a young man who is really interested in being a priest and you will never be one'”, he recalled.

Why Ignacio López Tarso left the priesthood for acting

López Tarso admitted that he never had a vocation to dedicate himself to the priesthood (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

On the other hand, at the end of March 2022, López Tarso attacked those who have led the administration of the < b>National Association of Actors (ANDA) in recent years. In the midst of the upset, the actor recalled that during his tenure at the organization he achieved several benefits, especially linked to infrastructure because at that time Mexico City was trying to get back on its feet after the 1985 earthquake.

The interpreter of film classics such as El gallo de oro, El hombre de papel, Pedro Páramo,Among many others, he held a meeting with the media after casting his vote as part of said association. Like other member actors, he let us see his disagreement and expressed his solidarity in the search for transparency.

Many things need to be corrected, there are to work a lot. My son will have to, over the next four years, dedicate himself body and soul to get ANDA out of the hole where the last few executive committees have taken it ”, she stated.

Why Ignacio López Tarso left the priesthood for acting

His emblematic role in "Macario" catapulted him to international fame (Photo: YouTube/Woldeverythingincolor)

In this context, the protagonist of The useless life of Pito Pérez recalled that in 1985 he took control of the National Association of Actors and its management was characterized by rebuilding the facilities that were damaged after the earthquake that shook the then Federal District, leaving an indelible mark in the heart of Mexico.

I left a prosperous ANDA, I left an ANDA with the recently rebuilt theater, with the foundations of the buildings. I received ANDA in 1985, immediately after the great earthquake, so the first thing I had to do was cement the ANDA buildings and then almost knock down the Jorge Negrete theater, which was already very old”, counted.