Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Lasted Only 10 Minutes

Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Lasted Only 10 Minutes

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Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Lasted Only 10 Minutes

Jeff bezos, the founder of Amazon and the richest man on the planet, reached space this Tuesday along with three other companions aboard the New Shepard, a company rocket Blue origin with which he exceeded 100 kilometers (62 miles) in altitude.

It was a trip of little more than 10 minutes from west Texas to beyond the Kármán line, to coincide with the 52nd anniversary of the first moon landing.

The billionaire and the rest of the passengers took off at 08.13 local hours (10.13 in Argentina), that is to say with some delay compared to the scheduled time due to last minute technical reviews, and they did so from an aerospace company platform, in a trip that in total lasted 10 minutes and 29 seconds.

About three minutes after taking off, the capsule with its occupants took off smoothly from the booster rocket and after passing the imaginary Karman line, located 99.7 kilometers from Earth and which in some scientific fields is accepted as the division between the earth’s atmosphere and outer space.

The New Shepard rocket transported Jeff Bezos to the division between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. Photo: Getty Images / AFP

The spacecraft peaked at an altitude of 106 km, allowing crew members to admire the curvature of the planet and black as the ink of the rest of the universe.

After fulfilling its purpose, the thruster returned 7 minutes after taking off autonomously to a landing pad north of its launch site, while the capsule returned to Earth in free fall with three giant parachutes and, in the last step, a propellant that ensured a soft landing on the desert.

“A very happy group of people in this capsule,” said billionaire Jeff Bezos after exiting the capsule.

Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Lasted Only 10 Minutes

Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, Oliver Daemen and Wally Funk made history with manned space travel. Photo: AFP

The suborbital flights they differ a lot from orbital flight of the kind that most think about space flight.

Those of New Shepard are characterized by being short round trips. Although it travels more than 100 kilometers above the Earth – which is widely considered to be the edge of outer spacethe ship is not ready to “float” in space: the return to Earth must be immediate.

A dream come true

The richest businessman in the world fulfilled his dream of traveling into space aboard one of the ships of Blue Origin, the space tourism company he founded.

Along with him traveled his brother Mark Bezos, the 18-year-old Oliver Daemen, from the Netherlands, and 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk. The pilot passed the same initial tests as the astronauts selected by NASA for the Mercury Program between 1959 and 1960, but was never able to reach space.

Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Travel Lasted Only 10 Minutes

The richest man in the world, happy after his successful mission. Photo: EFE

Daemen and Funk they have become, respectively, the youngest and oldest people to travel into space.

The still anonymous winner of a $ 28 million auction for a seat did not participate in the flight, who had “scheduling problems” and will participate in a future flight. Oliver Daemen’s father, CEO of a finance company, was second in the auction but allowed his teenage son to become the company’s first paying customer.