Why not to cancel the quarantine: an explanation of who

Head of who called not to hurry to cancel the quarantine.

Почему не нужно отменять карантин: объяснение ВОЗ

Why not to cancel the quarantine: an explanation of who

The head of the world health organization (who) tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus said that while it is too early to think about lifting the quarantine. He explained that such a decision could trigger a new outbreak of coronavirus.

“These measures are the best way to suppress and prevent the spread to after the lifting of restrictions coronavirus has not flashed again. To open schools and to restore the operation of the business in advance is the last thing to do now any country, because then they will be forced to close them again because of the resumption of the outbreak,“ – said the head of the who.

He also stressed that the world should start to act more actively for a month or two ago, in order to effectively contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

Time to act actually was a month or two ago. But we still believe that there are opportunities. There is a second chance we should not miss, and do everything possible to prevent and control the virus. It is our shared responsibility, summed up Gebreyesus.

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