Why politicians don’t take selfies while getting vaccinated (by S. Lucarelli)

Why politicians don’t take selfies while getting vaccinated (by S. Lucarelli)

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Why politicians don’t take selfies while getting vaccinated (by S. Lucarelli)

The 2018 screenshots of some posts by Giorgia Meloni on vaccines which, compared with his recent statements always on vaccines, they make you smile a lot.

In 2018, for example, he said that “i vaccines they are one of the most important achievements and we must not spread false news or feed fears ”. “We leave it to those who have the skills to determine what the vaccines necessary and MANDATORY“. Today, after his well-known masters in virology and immunology, he tweets: “The government will calm down, we are not a totalitarian regime. Our Constitution does not include the obligation to vaccinate! “.

For the record, old tweets had been deleted from his wall because Giorgia knows how to clean up the crime scene, but has not taken into account the Ris of the web, those who keep all traces of our activities on social networks in sterile folders.

Returning to his slightly unstable ideas about vaccines, of course, Melons it’s an awkward weather vane, but a weather vane that knows what it’s doing. Why Giorgia has chosen a precise political strategy, namely that of satisfying the considerable slice of electorate afraid or no-vax who right now is looking for a lighthouse.

And to say: “The state cannot oblige anyone to vaccine“Excites i no-vax without all in all making the pro-vax, who still feel free to do what they want. In short, it winks at Burioni and one to the conspiracy channel ByoBlu (of which Giorgia is fan).

Also MatteoSalvini has always played on the same ambiguity, that is, never say that you are against vaccines (that would cost him a part of the electorate, in addition to infuriating his dear entrepreneurs who want to start again), but suggesting that this vaccine accepts it with resignation, in an unusually passive role. “I will do what my doctor tells me”, he always replied laconically to those who asked him if he would do them. Or: “You will never see me chasing people with syringes!”, As if there were those who do it, too. I think it doesn’t even happen in the grove of Rogoredo after ten in the evening.

The fact is that June 10th Melons she replied on TV with little enthusiasm to those who asked her if she would get vaccinated: “I booked the vaccine”And nothing more has been heard. Salvini has not yet been vaccinated (“The date coincided with a trial”), Renzi idem (“I have not yet vaccinated”, he said a few days ago), and we do not know why.

And already here we can draw the first conclusions: two secretaries of parties in the government are not yet vaccinated even with a dose on July 14, when half of the country is already vaccinated. When in Italy is in place the most important vaccination campaign in the history of humanity, when the government’s message is: get vaccinated.

However, it would be incorrect to pretend that this sort of modesty of politicians towards the issue “vaccine“Is a limited problem a Melons is Salvini.

Almost all politicians know that taking clear positions on the importance of vaccinating burns a substantial percentage of the electorate and therefore most politicians on the right and left have chosen the path of assent without making too much noise. Without excessive exposure.

The vaccine is made, at most it is said, but possibly not seen. Pay attention: how many photos of politicians getting vaccinated have you seen? We are used to putting up with it selfie of all while they eat, run, iron, read and pass the cotton swab in their ears, but of photos with the syringe in their arm, nothing or almost nothing.

The truth is that the big absentees in this huge persuasion campaign are precisely the politicians: even the trumpeted commercial of Tornatore for the vaccination campaign it soon went under the carpet. The exceptions (ie the selfie while vaccinating) are represented almost exclusively by the presidents of the Region, almost all of them just re-elected: Stefano Bonaccini (shirtless), Attilio Fontana, Vincenzo De Luca, Giovanni Toti, Luca Zaia, Nicola Zingaretti. And some still miss the appeal.

The party secretaries remain the great absentees: Enrico Letta he photographed himself in front of the pavilion of the Red Cross, Carlo Calenda who has no shame in photographing himself with the “Piuma o fero” T-shirt, he let us know that he was vaccinated but evidently was ashamed to publish the photo of the inoculation. Any photos of Fratoianni is Berlusconi I have no news. Just as there are none Di Maio, Giuseppe Conte, Carfagna, Brunette, Gelmini, Orlando, Franceschini and various ministers or whoever I can think of.

For politicians, the photo-vaccine is kryptonite. Having to choose between what is most useful to themselves in terms of communication (avoid the fury no-vax and the possible bleeding of votes) and the one that can be more useful for the country (acting as testimonial to the vaccination campaign), choose the former.

So much so that Dragons is Mattarella, who must not take votes and do not represent a party, they did the photo in the hubs.

The response of Salvini, when asked if he will show the photo while vaccinating: “That’s a personal thing.” That is, the photos while donating blood lying on the bed yes, the vaccine no. The photo with the minor daughter yes, with the vaccine no. The photo with the vaccinara yes, with the vaccine no. A concept of “personal” that must be the result of one Delta variant of the word “confidentiality”.

The truth is that the real spontaneous testimonials of this huge national campaign were well-known personalities and ordinary citizens who made the photo useful and viral while they were vaccinated.

If we had waited for the good example of politicians, the trust instilled by their gesture, their will to be the testimonial of an act necessary for the good of the community, perhaps we would have achieved the settlement of the public debt earlier than the herd immunity.

Because the numbers of infections matter, but those of the polls a little more.