Why Quebecers love the Super Bowl?

Pourquoi les Québécois aiment-ils le Super Bowl?

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At 41 years old, Tom Brady could surpass Sunday, Peyton Manning as quarterback the oldest person in the history of the NFL to win a Super Bowl.

Over a million Quebecers will be in front of their screen on Sunday evening to attend the 53rd Super Bowl, the most american of sporting events. For football, of course, but especially not to miss an event that has something for everyone, even those who do not know who is Tom Brady.

For Vincent Filteau, the Super Bowl, it’s sort of a family story. And this story, it was started 17 years ago with the Patriots of New England, the team that will face the Rams in Los Angeles Sunday night.

“For me, football is a passion that goes back to childhood,” explains the Quebec 27-year-old. He remembers as if it was yesterday the Super Bowl played February 3, 2002 between the Patriots and these same Rams. That evening, his father has pushed back the curfew to allow him to watch the grand finale of the NFL until the end. He was able to attend the triumph of New-England, the favorite team of his father and his grand-father, and of the quarterback star Tom Brady. “It was a pretty strong “, he remembers.

Today, Vincent is always a fan huge fan of the Patriots, and he hoped with all my heart that Brady will win his sixth Super Bowl… at 41 years old.

“What comes to pick me up with the Super Bowl and the NFL, of course, is the nature of the sport as such,” he said. But football is also a sport that has a resonance very american. It is a way to understand our americanness in Quebec. “


Sunday evening, Vincent will therefore be part of those who will be cheering for the Patriots of New England, without a doubt, one of the teams in the NFL that divides the Quebecers : several are attached to it because of its geographical proximity and to its impressive success, but several others have had enough of this training, which will be the Super Bowl for a fourth time in five years and who has frequently been accused of cheating in the past.

The grand final will also attract supporters in quebec Rams, more discrete, or just fans of the NFL : according to an Angus Reid survey released last summer, 51 % of Quebecers prefer the NFL, while 32 % have rather a penchant for the canadian football League (CFL). According to this probe, Québec is the canadian province with the most attracted by the football league america.

The interest of Quebecers for the NFL is also reflected in the sports betting registered on the site Mise-o-jeu Loto-Québec. The Super Bowl 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 are all carved out a place among the five most popular events in the history of sports betting website in terms of sales. “Only the boxing bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor, in 2017, ahead of the Super Bowl in terms of sales “, explains the spokesman of Loto-Québec, Renaud Dugas.

The american football arouses the enthusiasm of the punters quebec even when you compare it to hockey. During the last presence of the Montreal Canadiens in the playoffs in 2017, their matches got an average of 80 000 $, compared to $ 100,000 for a playoff game in the NFL this year.

Pourquoi les Québécois aiment-ils le Super Bowl?

Photo: Photo provided
Michel and Vincent Filteau a game of the Patriots at Gillette Stadium, in Foxborough, south of Boston

According to Laurent Turcot, holder of the Canada research Chair in history of leisure and entertainment of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, the interest of Quebecers for the NFL has grown at the pace of the media coverage of the league.

“It was not until the 1980s and 1990s, when there was a democratization of the american networks in Quebec, so that Quebecers are really starting to be interested in the Super Bowl,” he says.

By inviting them into the homes of quebec, the event was first attracted lovers of football, but the appearance of the spectacles of the half-time show featuring popular artists has rapidly expanded its reach.

“It became an event of entertainment,” says Matthieu Proulx, a former player with the Montreal Alouettes that analysis now the football in réseau des sports (RDS). There is for those who love music, with the spectacle of half-time, there’s something for those who like humor, with advertisements, and there are, of course, for those who love football. “

“My mother-in-law makes a party with neighbours at the cottage for the Super Bowl, then they are not watching a match of the year,” he said, laughing. It is a happening. People love big events. “

Ads american

Quebecers have to wait until the day after the game to find a summary of the best ads of the Super Bowl, for which each advertiser will have spent more than us $ 5 million.

From 2017, the Council of radio-television and telecommunications commission (CRTC) prevents broadcasters in the country to replace the ads american ads with canadian.

This means that the Québécois who will listen to the Super Bowl on an american channel CBS will be able to see the ads u.s. for the duration of the match. On the menu : Harrison Ford and Forest Whitaker who test products Amazon rejected, the Backstreet Boys in an ad for Doritos and the inevitable horse-Budweiser.

Pourquoi les Québécois aiment-ils le Super Bowl?

In comparison, the bets with Mise-o-jeu amounted on average to 80 000 $ per game to the last the presence of the Montreal canadiens in the playoffs.

And the match itself ? “The theme of this Super Bowl, it really is the experience against the youth,” says Matthew Proulx. On one side, the quarter Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick, two regulars at the grand final, and the other, the young quarter of the Rams Jared Goff (24 years old) and the almost as young coach Sean McVay (33 years).

In his opinion, it is the experience that will overwhelm on youth : “I bet against the Patriots last week and I said to myself : “It is finished, I will never bet against the Pats in playoff games.” “

Vincent Filteau, he is more careful. “I don’t know who will win. All I know is that it’s going to be a tight match. “

Kick off is scheduled at 18: 30.

The Super Bowl LIII in short

Patriots of New England (11th appearance, 5 titles)

Rams of Los Angeles (4th appearance, 1 title)

Show of the half time

Maroon Five, Travis Scott and Big Boi

Number of cameras used by CBS during the game : 115

Resale price of an average ticket to the Super Bowl 3861 US $

Projected number of chicken wings consumed in the United States during the week-end 1.4 billion


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