Why you need to wear sunglasses

Learn why ophthalmologists recommend to protect eyes from sunlight.

Почему нужно носить солнцезащитные очки

Why you need to wear sunglasses

Sunglasses – it’s no longer just a fashion accessory and a necessity, to avoid problems with the eyes. Ivona will tell you why you need to wear sunglasses.

  • Wrinkles

So wrinkles don’t appear prematurely less need to squint. Because when we do that, the skin around often deformed.

  • Fatigue and eye strain

Frequent changing of lights is eye strain. Pupils to constrict, then dilate, and if we start squinting, then in addition, what tired eyes can start to ache.

Почему нужно носить солнцезащитные очки

Why you need to wear sunglasses

  • Loss of vision

It tells the ophthalmologist Margarita Bandurka, excess ultraviolet radiation can cause a number of diseases of the eye. For example, the sun is one of the factors causing the development of the syndrome of “dry eye“. Solar radiation destroys the tear film protecting the eye, why is changing the composition and decreases the amount of lacrimal fluid and, as a consequence, there is a feeling of dry eyes, burning sensation, pain. Sometimes this leads to deterioration of vision.

Ultraviolet rays is also one of the main culprits of damage to the retina and lens of the free radicals that eventually can lead to the development of cataracts. And the more often a person receives politravma, so this probability is higher.

  • Skin cancer

Sometimes the disease begins with the eyelids, so as reassurance in addition to sunscreen for the skin, it should also wear glasses.

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