Will a long walk to reduce weight?

If you do every day is about 7-10 thousand steps, you will be able to effectively support your body in good shape, but it will not help you get rid of extra pounds. This conclusion, according to the theme of the publication Obesity, researchers from the United States of America.

Поможет ли длительная ходьба снизить вес?

Scientists say that the long walk is considered to be the ultimate tool that allows you to defend against a variety of ailments and to get rid of excess weight. The positive effects of long distance on the body is undeniable, but the ability to walk to fight against obesity is, apparently, overrated.

“You are unlikely to lose weight if you have to pass every day ten thousand steps or even more. Here it should be noted that the positive effect in the fight against excess weight can be achieved is not a simple long walk and an intense long walk. But this method is not for everyone”, — the authors of the study, the staff of the University named after Brigham young.

Walking, as added by American scientists, useful in any case. Even if you are not able to significantly lose weight through walking, you will strengthen your body, improve emotional state, as well as receive other benefits that will help you in the complex fight against excess weight.

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