Will bleed white: Purses Virgins under the threat of scams 25 Feb

The astrologer warned of the financial danger for the Zodiac.

Оберут до нитки: Кошельки Дев под угрозой мошенников 25 февраля

People spend a huge amount of time to earn his fortune. In the realities of the day, every penny is two, so it is very difficult to leave. The risk of losing their savings, February 25 will be knocking on the door of the Virgins. This was written by a Czech astrologer Peter Lantz. He believes that representatives of this sign there is a risk that this day they “bleed white”.

As an astrologer wrote in his blog, on this day, the Dev wallets are threatened by cheaters. His expert opinion is based on adverse atmosphere in the financial horoscope, which is supported by a total inattention and distraction of the Zodiac on this day. With this combination of representatives of the sign of the Earth can lose vigilance, and with it the accumulated funds.

The astrologer advises the Virgins on this day to be careful not to engage in dubious schemes to be cautious in crowded places, in transport and at work. The astrologer also recommends generally to carry out any financial transactions since the financial thread without scams do not look their best on this day. This day is to audit all savings, checking caches and Bank accounts. This will help you gain confidence and regain control over the money.

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