Will LOST JUDGMENT close the series?  That’s why it will never arrive on PC

Will LOST JUDGMENT close the series? That’s why it will never arrive on PC

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Will LOST JUDGMENT close the series?  That’s why it will never arrive on PC

A bolt from the blue for those who expected the series JUDGMENT, spin-off of Yakuza which will keep the action combat system, continued for a long time to come. It seems in fact that the sequel LOST JUDGMENT will be the last chapter of this series, and thanks to an exclusive article published by the Japanese magazine Nikken Taishu, we also know why the title will probably never land on PC.

In the article, which we report in the sources, an unbridgeable break between SAW is Johnny & Associates, the talent agency that takes care of protecting the image rights of Takuya Kimura, the actor who gives his face to the protagonist of the saga, Takayuki Yagami. Specifically, SEGA has now invested heavily in the PC market and it is its desire to release all its games also on this platform, via Steam; Johnny & Associates however is a very restrictive agency with the contracts of its talents and therefore does not allow that the image of Kimutaku be made available on PC, citing image rights problems and any changes thereto.

The ease of modding games on PC would in fact open the way to a whole series of possible and particular situations, such as a mod that could make the protagonist of JUDGMENT is LOST JUDGMENT naked or in other weird costumes, through some model swap. Considering this thing unacceptable, the company has blocked future collaborations and therefore it seems that the series will end with this second chapter, no longer giving SEGA the ability to use Takuya Kimura’s features, although it seems the actor himself doesn’t give too much weight to this, and agrees with SEGA for a PC release.

The only way to see a further chapter of this spin-off series could therefore be to change the “face” of the protagonist, however, going to distort the very essence of the story, despite being something that has already happened in the history of the games of the ‘RGG Studio, with Yakuza 4 and with JUDGMENT itself, during its development. Even those waiting for this title on PC, therefore, should get their soul in peace after this announcement: unfortunately, it seems that the excellent title and its sequel will never land on Steam. At the moment, the only way to play JUDGMENT on PC is by streaming via Google Stadia, therefore without having any access to the game files.

Source: Nikkan Taishu

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