Williams, Russell’s paradox |  FormulaPassion.it

Williams, Russell’s paradox | FormulaPassion.it

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Williams, Russell’s paradox |  FormulaPassion.it

11-0 in qualifying, 6-1 in the matches completed by both. In Williams the direct comparison between Nicholas Latifi And George Russell leans sharply in favor of the young English talent, in his third season with the Grove team. Where it matters most, however, in the world championship standings, here’s the surprise you don’t expect. In fact, Latifi is ahead with six points, against Russell’s four. The magic of Formula 1 and the power of one crazy race like that of Hungary, which not only led Williams to get world championship points again for the first time since the 2019 German GP, ​​but also overturned – at least momentarily – the ranking hierarchies within the team.

A sort of curse for Russell, who had a similar situation in 2019 with Kubica, when the Pole finished regularly behind him throughout the season, except to snatch the team’s only seasonal point from Hockenheim. Numbers in hand, however, the yield difference between Russell and Latifi is quite clear-cut and particularly stands out in qualification, always the strong point of the former F2 champion. In fact, Russell entered Q2 on 10 out of 11 occasions, curiously missing it in the then ‘triumphal’ race in Budapest. On the other hand, only one seasonal access in Q2 for his Canadian companion, who obviously never entered the top-10 in qualifying. Instead, Russell’s ‘visits’ were two in Q3. The average gap between the two is also clear, of 371 thousandths

Q2 inputs101
Inputs Q320
Pole Position00
Average detachment Q.+0.371
Sprint qualifications10