Win by 5 points, the worn table on Mondays and the opponents’ graffiti

Win by 5 points, the worn table on Mondays and the opponents’ graffiti

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Win by 5 points, the worn table on Mondays and the opponents’ graffiti

Electoral round

“How much do we earn in the province of Buenos Aires?” Asks the national minister aloud. “They win by 5 points”, risks this chronicler in Horangel mode, that remembered astrologer who also foreshadows phenomena or events. “If it is for 5 points, I sign now”, accepts the tanned Peronist who trusts in an electoral triumph of the Frente de Todos, this year, in the greater province before Juntos por el Cambio, the main opposition force. But not everyone thinks the same. Close to the Chief of Staff, Santiago Andrés Cafiero, they believe that this result will go from 5 to 10 points. “Obviously we are not going to repeat the 2019 election,” they point out, a time when in Buenos Aires territory, Axel Kicillof won the fight for the governorship.

Those issues are being discussed today at various tables. The one that seems a bit worn is the so-called “Monday table” that brings together the heads of the Frente de Todos, with the exception of Alberto Ángel Fernández and Cristina Kirchner. In that appointment no weighty issues are defined – beyond organizing events and defining whether the President or Governor Axel Kicillof is going – and nothing is said about the candidacies of the ruling coalition. Proof of this erosion of transcendence is that to the last appointment, Santiago Cafiero and Máximo Kirchner were absent, who came from a crossroads with the President, after his speech in Deputies where he objected to the national government “giving in to the laboratories.” In La Rosada they deny that this crossing has climbed: “If Santiago stayed after that session eating sandwiches with Máximo and Sergio Massa!”They stated on the first floor of the Government House. But another table that has become luster is the one that reunited Alberto with two of his fans: Gabriel Katopodis and Juanchi Zabaleta – Minister of Public Works and Mayor of Hurlingham, respectively – met with the head of state to discuss the electoral work to come. There, It was confirmed that the President is going to “go down” to the Conurbano in campaign and that the idea of ​​the Casa Rosada is to go out “to plebiscite” the management of the national government. To their electoral corners!

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner and Alberto Fernandez. Photo MFBuente

Sung candidate

Another appointment that President Fernández had this week was with the Minister of Tourism Matías Lammens. The meeting happened this Monday. And it happened a few hours after the head of state had circulated a photo with Leandro Santoro, who aspires to be the candidate for national deputy of the FdT In Buenos Aires city. The interesting thing about the talk was that Lammens, who also sounded for the electoral fight this year as a candidate in CABA, filled the media Santoro with praise. “He is the best candidate for this moment,” said the vice-president of San Lorenzo. who was the last candidate for Head of Government of Buenos Aires Peronism. How nice that the Peronists love each other …

Win by 5 points, the worn table on Mondays and the opponents’ graffiti

Alberto Fernández with Leandro Santoro, the last 5 of July

The oppo is spicy

The opposition also has the scenario altered by the electoral closures throughout the country. After the confirmation that María Eugenia Vidal and Diego Santilli as the candidates in the City and Province of Buenos Aires, also Fernando Straface and Néstor Grindetti were defined as campaign managers for these two districts, Secretary General of CABA and Mayor of Lanús, respectively. Several snubbed (and snubbed were left with that definition). And before the “spicy” of the last section of the descent of Jorge Macri in Province, it was that some graffiti appeared in the suburbs marking the field: “Ritondo-Santilli” was the legend of the colored walls that some assign to the current block boss of national deputies of the PRO.

But another fight in JxC appeared in the first electoral section of the PBA, more specifically in Malvinas Argentinas, one of the districts where the opposition believes it can grow strong. The political space has to recover about 1.5 million votes in the entire Buenos Aires territory with respect to the last election. And the dispute in Malvinas is between two candidates who would take the Diego Santilli list. On the one hand, Lucas Aparicio, a former union member of the UPCN, and on the other, the pediatrician Carlos Kambourian. Aparicio had the support of some larretista officials, who wanted to lower the pediatrician of the competition. But after analyzing the first data from a survey between the two, in the Buenos Aires headquarters of Uspallata they lowered the hammer: the contest was enabled and now there are hot weeks in the middle of the campaign and with a Primary in the territories that today the Peronist Leonardo Nardini governs. . Step by Step…

Win by 5 points, the worn table on Mondays and the opponents’ graffiti

Painted Ritondo-Santilli in Province