Winning the tournament in Beroun would be a dream come true for me, said Davidson Spilková

Winning the tournament in Beroun would be a dream come true for me, said Davidson Spilková

Winning the tournament in Berouna would be a dream come true for me, said Davidson Spilkova

Golfer Klára Davidson Spilková at a press conference for the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open golf tournament from the Ladies European Tour series. April 18, 2023, Prague.

Beroun – If golfer Klára Davidson Spilková were to win the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open domestic tournament in Beroun at the end of the week, she would fulfill one of her lifelong dreams. The winner of two competitions in the Ladies European Tour category finished second last year behind compatriot Jana Melichová and believes that she will fulfill the role of favorite this time. The fourth woman in this year's LET Race to Costa del Sol ranking appreciates her steady performances and told reporters that she considers this year to be the best of her career.

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“I have everything to win. Now it's about whether I will believe in it and it will also come together on the pitch. I will do everything for it. It would be one of my wishes come true. But it is always better to set smaller goals than the big ones, because then you get under pressure and that's not necessary,” said Davidson Spilková, who is also the favorite according to the bookmakers. “I'm happy to be in this position. This is exactly what I play and train for. I take it as a challenge,” she added.

The 28-year-old native of Prague finished second last year at the Royal Beroun Golf Club. She was one shot behind the unexpected winner Melichová. “Last year I really believed in it. But what can be done. Maybe I'll have a chance now too. I believe so,” said Davidson Spilková.

The winner of last year's Irish Open or the 2017 Rabat tournament was second and fourth three times in LET tournaments this year. The same rank belongs to the Czech number one in the ongoing evaluation of the season. “In terms of consistency, this is probably my best season. The results correspond to that and it's great. In Beroun, it's not my home field, but it's still my home tournament. It would be great if I succeeded here. It would be one of my fulfilled dreams and goals,” described Davidson Spilková.

The two-time participant of the Olympic Games is in her 13th season. He knows the pitch in Beroun well, but still wants to go through the tournament gradually. “The course is very similar, and apart from perhaps the shortened third and fifth holes, we didn't find many changes on the course compared to last year. We won't change last year's successful strategy either. Now we just hope that the weather will work out for us. We don't need anything else. Everything else is fine taken care of,” smiled Davidson Spilková.

She appreciates that she is no longer the only Czech in elite company. Davidson Spilková is one of nine domestic professionals at the tournament. Alongside her and defending champion Melichová, the recent German Masters winner Kristýna Napoleaová, Sára Kousková, Tereza Melecká, Tereza Koželuhová, Šideri Váňová, Eva Koželuhová and Kateřina Vlašínová will also start. The Czech participation will be highlighted by six other amateurs.

“It's different for me than when I started. At that time I had only one mentor there, Zuzana Kamasová. I'm glad that we are there now with other girls. I think they are good relations between us. We mainly help each other mentally, we support each other,” she added.

The Tipsport Ladies Czech Open tournament is played in Beroun from June 23 to 25. The total subsidy amounts to 300 thousand euros (over seven million crowns).