Winona Ryder johnny Depp defends against amber heard: details

Вайнона Райдер защищает Джонни Деппа в деле против Эмбер Херд: подробности

Wiggery johnny Depp Hollywood actress amber heard is still ongoing. Amber accuses her husband of domestic violence. Ex-lover johnny Winona Ryder defends him in this case.

Amber heard and johnny Depp broke up in January 2017. However, after the divorce they filed lawsuits at each other and the trial is still going on. Famous American actress Winona Ryder, who is also the former lover of the actor, noted earlier, that does not believe in the allegations heard, and was now officially on his behalf. About it reports the edition .

Once Ryder was engaged to Depp, however, they soon diverged. Now the actor seek its support in dealing with violence against ex-wife amber heard.

48-year-old Winona said he did not believe that johnny was mocking his beloved. She also added that he never witnessed his insults and does not believe that he could be tough to deal with amber heard. The actress noted that her and others he was never cruel. Ryder added that Depp always cared about her and about those whom he loves. With him she felt safe.

In a statement, celebrity said: “I knew very well johnny. We lived together for 4 years and I considered him my best friend and closest person. Our relationship is one of the most beautiful things that ever happened to me in life. Understand how important it is now to talk about my own experience. I don’t want to call anyone a liar, but knowing his contact with johnny, it is impossible to believe that these terrible accusations are true. The idea that he’s incredibly cruel man, very far from johnny, whom I knew and loved”.

Вайнона Райдер защищает Джонни Деппа в деле против Эмбер Херд: подробности

Ex-lover johnny Depp Winona Ryder / Instagram / @winonaryderofficial

What is known about divorce johnny Depp and amber heard?The actors were married in February 2015 and in may 2016 amber filed for divorce. Then she accused her husband of domestic violence. In January 2017, the court divorced the Hollywood couple. Later johnny accused ex-lover defamation and demanded $ 50 million. The actress talked about alcohol and drug addiction Depp, however, he presented data on their treatment. The courts is still going on, and the actors still gather the evidence of guilt to each other.

Вайнона Райдер защищает Джонни Деппа в деле против Эмбер Херд: подробности

Johnny Depp and amber heard / Photo: Getty Images

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