With a baby in her arms: Enrique Iglesias showed a photo from the hospital

С малышом на руках: Энрике Иглесиас показал фото из роддома

Popular Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias recently in third time became a father. On 30 January he was born the third child. Star dad shared the first photo of the baby.

The celebrity distributed a delicate picture with a newborn, which he keeps on hand. Exclusive scenes from the hospital can be seen on page Enrique Iglesias on Instagram.

On touching the picture Iglesias dressed in a hospital gown. On the robe, hat and mask. In the hands of the father holding the baby, which Wu on the head scarf as a bow.

My sunshine. 01.30.2020,
signed photograph of Enrique.

The sex of the baby a new father said. However, perhaps the scarf as a bow can attest to the fact that Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova another daughter was born. These are the guesses fans write in the comments under the photo.














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