With Abraham comes Leah, the influencer girlfriend famous for the post against Tuchel

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With Abraham comes Leah, the influencer girlfriend famous for the post against Tuchel

Discovering the partner of the new Giallorossi striker: they met in London and never left each other

She was sixteen, he was eighteen: they were really two kids Tammy Abraham and girlfriend Leah Monroe when they got together. They met in London, in London they have lived together in recent years and London will leave together when he, once all the bureaucratic formalities have been completed, will move permanently to Rome to start his new adventure in the Giallorossi. It will be the first important step for both: for him in football and for her, perhaps in fashion.


Leah is in fact a curvy model and an influencer with almost 100 thousand followers who talks about her everyday life every day and, often, that of her boyfriend too. And then stories of the holidays (in the summer they were in Greece, a country they both love very much, in Santorini, while last year they chose Mykonos), photos of the anniversary (they celebrate in April), videos of training and photos in underwear or in tights sporty, depending on what the moment requires. Compared to other wags Leah, perhaps even for the young age (22 years) she is not afraid to show herself with her curves and she is not afraid to show that, in addition to extra luxury brands, she also enjoys shopping at Zara or at walking around London in overalls. Very religious girl (in her posts she often gives thanks for the life she has received), long dark hair and light eyes, navel piercing, has her date of birth tattooed on her chest in Roman numerals. A sign of fate? Maybe…


Certainly the girl has no problem saying what she thinks. After Tammy’s exclusion from the FA Cup final with Leicester he wrote on Instagram: “How the hell do you make the decision to leave your top scorer out of the squad for the final? Indeed, the same person who scored some of the goals that gave you the chance to play for the trophy. I can’t understand what sense it makes. Not even the bench? You are making fun of me ”. The message was later removed, but by now the tabloids had gone to the wedding. Now, for her too, she will start a new life, for the first time away from home. Where he will have to find his points of reference, including the gym. In recent days, while Abraham was dealing with Roma, she trained at Kings Gym, London, getting caught up in squats and working with weights and tools. Perhaps he will have vented a bit of tension, or even emotion, since now a new life awaits him.

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