With Covid’s CPI, TV Senate records YouTube audience record

With Covid’s CPI, TV Senate records YouTube audience record

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With Covid’s CPI, TV Senate records YouTube audience record

With the CPI (Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) of Covid, the TV Senate channel on YouTube started to record audience records. The testimonial videos already surpass 500,000 views and are also among the most watched on the channel. Of the 30 most viewed videos, 14 are from the commission.

The commission, which investigates the actions of the federal government and the use of federal resources by states and municipalities to fight the pandemic, was installed on April 27th. It is chaired by the senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) and the senator is the rapporteur Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL). Meet the collegiate holders.

The first sessions had no record of high in the audience. None of the videos from the broadcast of the first 4 testimonials exceeded 250,000 views. The 1st to testify was the former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta, on May 4, and his video has just over 230,000 views.

In recent weeks, however, broadcasts have been surpassing audience records. Survey made by metropolises, Published this Saturday (July 10, 2021), it shows that in the week the CPI arrested the 1st deponent, the former director of the Department of Logistics of the Ministry of Health Roberto Ferreira Dias, the TV channel Senado received more than 2, 3 million views from Tuesday (6.Jul.2021) to Thursday (8.Jul.2021), a daily average of 775 thousand.

The survey considered the numbers counted until the 8th of July. There may still be a lag, as the platform takes a few days to process audience data. The data does not consider the Friday session (9.Jul.2021), whose data is still being processed.

For comparison purposes, the average since the beginning of the channel (December 2010) is 43.6 thousand views per day. TV Senado currently has 913 thousand subscribers on the channel.

The peak of audience was registered with the testimonies of the Miranda brothers, with more than 1.3 million views. They were provided on a Friday (June 25, 2021), a day when legislative TVs have a smaller audience. The testimony is the 3rd most popular video on the channel, behind only the statement to the Senate by former president Dilma Rousseff (PT) on the occasion of her impeachment and the session that confirmed her removal, in August 2016.

The CPI’s 2nd largest audience was on the 1st day of the testimony of former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello, on May 19th. There were 1.1 million views on the 1st day alone, and 2 million, adding up to 2.

The lowest audience so far was in the session attended by the director-president of Anvisa (National Health Surveillance Agency), Antonio Barra Torres, which had 178,500 views.

CPI’s audience is even greater than the sum of the audience on YouTube and television, since portals and open and closed TV stations are retransmitting the images. According to the press office of the Federal Senate, they make the authorized retransmission: CNN, TV Band, TV Globo and TV Record. These 5 stations receive the signal via fiber, a service whose infrastructure implementation cost is the applicant’s own.

O power360 also broadcasts all CPI sessions on the digital newspaper channel on YouTube.


YouTube access measurement report produced by TV Senado, which the metropolises had access, shows that the channel gained 169,800 followers over the first 2 months of the CPI — from April 27th, the collegiate’s installation date, to June 25th.

The total number of subscribers on YouTube of the Legislative House is already approaching the 1 million mark: there are 913 thousand.

The number puts the channel ahead of both TV Câmara, with 643,000 subscribers, and TV Justiça, with 140,000. The number is only lower than that of the Federal Executive’s television, TV Brasil, which has 1.47 million subscribers.

The figures from the Senate report also show that the total views in the first 2 months of the CPI were 34.4 million, with an average of 582,000 per day, 13 times higher than the average before the commission’s operation. The average time for viewing videos (called hold) is 20 minutes and 23 seconds.

In addition, in the 2 month period considered by the analysis, only 18.8% of viewers were subscribed to the channel. The majority (81.2%) was formed by an external audience, that is, users not previously registered.

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