With Kevin spacey was acquitted of charges of assaulting a guy in a bar Nantucket

С Кевина Спейси сняли обвинения в домогательствах к парню в баре Нантакета

With Hollywood actor Kevin spacey (Kevin Spacey) has removed part of the charges of harassment and violence. In particular, the case against him by a young man who accused him of sexual assault in the bar of Nantucket in 2016, collapsed.

The state of Massachusetts dropped charges for harassment of a minor son leading Heather Anru, as the guy decided to take advantage of the 5th amendment of the Constitution – in particular, not to testify, which can to hurt him. Earlier the guy stated that spacey drugged him, molested and inappropriately touched him in 2016 at the bar of Nantucket, he was 16 years old.

The actor didn’t admit guilt, and now the judge dropped all charges because the accuser refused to testify against spacey and partly against himself.

Spacey was accused of sexual harassment in several countries, and it cost him his career. So far, no case, except for the history of Nantucket, was filed with the court.

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