Wolt couriers will protest again today against the new pay system

Wolt couriers will protest again today against the new pay system

Wolt couriers will protest again today against the new reward system

Illustrative photo – Demonstration of food and other goods delivery service workers Wolt, February 1, 20233, Prague.

Prague – Couriers of the delivery company Wolt will protest again this afternoon against changes in remuneration, due to which their earnings have decreased. Just like at the beginning of February, they will meet at Wenceslas Square in Prague, where the president of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) Josef Středula will support their protest. Later, they want to take the main road to the headquarters of the Wolt company in Holešovice.

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Last week, after negotiations with the couriers, the company announced that it would increase the minimum remuneration for the order. The amount should rise by ten to twenty percent depending on the region they work in. The organizers of the protest, however, said that they are still not satisfied and called another protest action for today. They also wrote a petition to support their demands.

Wolt cooperates with approximately 7,000 couriers in the Czech Republic. At the end of January, the company changed the method of remuneration – for example, couriers can now see in the mobile application how much money they will receive for completing an order in advance, and their remuneration is calculated according to the length of the route they travelled. Organizers of the latest protest reported that couriers saw a roughly 20 percent drop in delivery earnings due to the change.

The company says the drop in earnings was due to the large number of people joining the system at the time, and the whole situation is more of a misunderstanding. . According to the company's management, the remuneration of couriers has already reached the same level as before the changes to the system, and their earnings should reach 250 to 300 CZK per hour. Couriers of delivery companies mostly work as so-called partners, i.e. as self-employed persons who have to pay for example social and health insurance or vehicle maintenance costs themselves.

Wolt operates directly in 15 Czech cities. In addition to Prague, it is, for example, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen or Hradec Králové. Delivery companies Dáme jídlo and Bolt Food also operate in the Czech Republic.