Women in Afghanistan: don’t forget us!

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Women in Afghanistan: don’t forget us!

Learning freedom: a young Afghan woman shortly after the end of the Taliban rule in 2001
Image: Reuters

For us, the Taliban means flogging, weapons, suicide bombings: the report of a woman who has already experienced the rule of the Taliban.

F.For Afghan women, the Taliban are the face of terror. They came to power so quickly and unexpectedly that we still cannot quite grasp it. Especially for women like me who have lived under Taliban rule before, who know what to expect from them, the news these days is very painful. We are in a state of shock. Nobody wants to accept that these terrorists want to rule us now. The people are upset, dismayed, disturbed. For us women, the Taliban mean: weapons, flogging, misogyny, suicide bombings. These terrorists didn’t even stop at an infant station and elementary school for girls. It would therefore be fatal to deceive oneself in the current situation: The Taliban that you see in the streets of Afghanistan are still the ones responsible for the horror images in our collective memory.

As a result, when the Taliban began their offensive, women were immediately afraid. In the cities they watched them come home. Anyone who has ever seen what the Taliban are capable of can only agree with women. In any case, the news from Kabul certainly only reflects a small part of what is really happening.