WSBK / Navarra, Superpole Race: Redding (Ducati) again on Rea |

WSBK / Navarra, Superpole Race: Redding (Ducati) again on Rea |

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WSBK / Navarra, Superpole Race: Redding (Ducati) again on Rea |

Scrolling through the first six positions in the order of arrival of the Superpole Race of the Navarra round – that is Redding, Rea, Razgatlioglu, Locatelli, Lowes, Sykes – one could think of a rather boring race, given that they are identical to those of Race-1. But that was not the case and the first three laps (out of 10 scheduled) of the morning race were anything but soporific: at the first corner it was Redding (Ducati) who took the lead ahead of Rea (Kawasaki), Razgatlioglu (Yamaha) and Locatelli (Yamaha). At the end of the opening lap, there was a question and answer between Rea and Redding, with the Irishman in the lead and Razgatlioglu who made fun of the English and conquered the second position.

On the second lap the Turkish rider takes the lead, but after a few moments rather close, Rea passes in front, followed by Redding. In the third lap it is the Ducati rider who passes Rea decisively and takes off for the success under the checkered flag, despite the final attempts to mend the gap of the rider Kawasaki. Third position for Razgatlioglu, who came out of the fight for the victory after the first laps.

Closing the top 10 are Locatelli (Yamaha), Lowes (Kawasaki), Sykes (BMW), Davies (Ducati), Van der Mark (BMW), Gerloff (Yamaha), Nozane (Yamaha) and Bautista (Honda). Appointment for race-2 at 2.00 pm.

WSBK / Navarra, Superpole Race

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