Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

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Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

After years of waiting, the renowned Chinese brand Xiaomi, with a presence in more than 100 countries and regions, began officially commercialize in the Argentine market the first three smartphones of Redmi, the affordable line designed for a young audience; While finalizing details to begin manufacturing them in Tierra del Fuego in the first months of 2022.

The absence of the main Chinese technological exponent -Huawei- and with LG in full retreat left a significant position vacant in the Argentine cell phone market.

In this context, the third world manufacturer made its main announcement in mid-July in conjunction with Etercor – Solnik. This national Holding dedicated to the Consumer Electronics industry with more than 40 years of life is the in charge of the distribution of the equipment through various official sales channels.

“Actually, we have been working together for several years to make the brand known to Argentine consumers. And at the same time go convincing the brand of the relevance of the Argentine market in Latin America and the giant opportunity they have here. Like all good work done with patience and solidity, now both realities are converging ”, assured Juan Pablo Baiardi, from Etercor, a company chosen as the distributor of the Chinese company’s products.

And he adds: “Consumers want alternatives and see in Xiaomi a brand capable of providing them and the brand appreciates the real potential for growth and development that they have in Argentina.”

The goal was set to start marketing its first mid-range and high-end equipment with prices below 80 thousand pesos. The model Redmi Note 10 5G, of which 100,000 units were imported, was the first to be announced in the country and Latin America a few weeks apart from China.

“This projection corresponds to a product import scheme. Without a doubt, with local manufacturing the volume could be higher,” added Baiardi.

The Redmi Note 10 5G is characterized by being a device equipped with 5G connectivity, the next generation of high-speed mobile phone networks. It also has a 6.5-inch screen with FHD + technology, 48 MP triple camera, 4 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, a 2020 processor and a battery that according to its use can provide up to 2 days of autonomy.

Over the years, the brand that displaced Apple globally It is characterized by offering products at all prices and benefits. From phones closer to the entry range such as the Redmi 9 to models with features of the premium segment: the flagship of the Mi family, Mi Note 10 or even the Mi 11 Lite.

Its main competitors in the country are Samsung and Motorola, while Nokia, Alcatel, LG, Sony and Apple fight for the rest of the market share.

In this regard, the manager told Clarín that in the country “the market is extremely concentrated with 90% in two brands; the rest are unable to concentrate a relevant participation for various reasons, therefore, the positioning among them is very similar. Definitely Xiaomi will seek to give you a high value alternative to all those people. “

Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

In the first weeks of August, two new and ambitious proposals arrived to complete the cell phone family and thus sustain its presence: Redmi Note 10s, with quad camera and long battery life, next to the top of the range Redmi Note 10 Pro that stands out for its 108 megapixel camera.

According to Etercor, the reception by the Argentine public who love these teams and their benefits was such that They “went out of stock” in the first weeks; and the brand is expected to bring more as the days go by.

Even without a presence in the sales channels of the telephone operators, these devices can be purchased exclusively through the official Xiaomi store in Mercado Libre and the market places of Frávega or Red Megatone. In addition to the offer offered by Banco Nación and the Banco Macro store (Macro Premia) with proposals of up to 24 installments without interest.

“In this first stage, we are marketing the products only through digital channels, and not yet in physical stores. This is the same strategy that Xiaomi used in China when it started operating. And the reason is to be able to make distribution costs as efficient as possible, in order to generate the best technology alternative at the best price ”, said Baiardi.

Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

Xiaomi will start manufacturing its first cell phones in Argentina in 2022

Xiaomi’s robot dog, equipped with a complex navigation system

But not everything is cell phone in Xiaomi’s technological universe. From the most important categories such as TV or Air Conditioners, through urban mobility or smart lights to robot vacuum cleaners, they are part of its product catalog. Even now he also enters the world of robots with a quadruped model inspired by the physiognomy of a dog. Is named Cyberdog, open source, and designed to be a companion.

The first of its kind, as the Chinese manufacturer recently recognized, aims not only to captivate fans of the brand’s products, robotics enthusiasts, and developers to collaborate on an open source project to enhance the potential of the brand’s products. quadruped robots.

“As soon as this product (CyberDog) is available in its international version, let’s analyze it from now on. The Argentine consumer is a fan of disruptive news in technology and that is why he became such a fan of the brand in a short time. Robot vacuum cleaners are another great example of how a product without much tradition in the country works very well when it combines functionality and cost. In just a few days we ran out of stock due to the excellent sales result it had and we had to quickly increase supply ”, highlighted Baiardi.