YES: Raising the retirement age will hurt employees several times over

YES: Raising the retirement age will hurt employees several times over

YES: Raising the retirement age after several employees ;t

Illustration photo – Extraordinary meeting of the Chamber of Deputies, May 3, 2022, Prague. Press conference of the ANO parliamentary club, from left, Radek Vondráček, Alena Schillerová and Roman Kubíček.

Prague – Employees would be harmed several times if the retirement age were raised to 68 instead of the current 65. At the press conference after the meeting of the ANO shadow government, the head of the parliamentary club of the movement, Alena Schillerová, said this. The President of TOP 09 and the House of Representatives, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, said on CNN Prima News on Sunday that the TOP 09 coalition supports raising the retirement age, but the government must present an overall pension reform. According to her, the age of 68 is just one of the options.

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“We don't know the parameters, who it would concern, which grades, professions,” said Schillerová. According to her, however, the employees would be harmed several times by such a change. “As the years get older, it is difficult to maintain employability, moreover, it could happen that they spend their last years on sick leave,” he says. Another consequence, according to Schillerová, would be a lower amount of old-age pensions. “The last years would have been reflected in their amount if they hadn't worked them out,” she said.

According to the former head of the state treasury, the change would also create pressure on the so-called “sandwich generation”. “For people who take care of children and at the same time would have to take care of their parents even more financially,” she explained.

Another opposition movement, the SPD, is also against raising the retirement age. The limit of 68 years would mean the highest retirement age in Europe, according to SPD chairman Tomio Okamura, who called it a cynical and anti-social recklessness on the part of the government coalition of five. The movement demands the maintenance of the current limit, or its reduction.

In January, the average old-age pension in the Czech Republic, after valorization and the addition of educational allowance, reached 19,438 crowns, according to the data of the Czech Social Security Administration. Compared to December, it increased by 1,377 crowns. Thanks to the bonus of 500 crowns for a raised child, women improved more. The difference between the average women's and men's pension decreased, falling from almost 20 percent to roughly 13 percent compared to December. More than 952,000 men and more than 1.4 million women receive old-age pensions from the administration. The army and the police also have their pension systems.