You are in a row without conceding a goal: Milan are a fort and start the hunt for the record

You are in a row without conceding a goal: Milan are a fort and start the hunt for the record

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You are in a row without conceding a goal: Milan are a fort and start the hunt for the record

Il Diavolo aims to extend the series in the league: the leadership of the club, which is at 9, dates back to 1994. And Cagliari have not scored for the Rossoneri for three years …

Mike Maignan is the man of big numbers just like Donnarumma was. He may not boast the same precocity records as Gigio broke, but he is the goalkeeper with the highest percentage of saves in the last French championship, as well as the European clean sheet champion: 38 appearances and 21 games without conceding a goal in the Ligue 1 champion Lille , no one has been able to do better. Maignan started at Milan in the same way at Marassi against Sampdoria and until now he is still completely immaculate: the two goals conceded by the Devil over the summer came when Tatarusanu was in goal. Here are several good reasons to give Mike a responsibility and an important fact: Milan have kept a clean sheet for six games in the league and it is the fourth best row in history, where the record is set at nine. In short, reachable.

Sunday will be 125

We start from Maignan, but obviously we cannot ignore who is in front of him. Hernandez, fresh from his first call-up to the national team, has just received public compliments from Deschamps on the improvements in the defensive phase, while Calabria is continuing in an exponential growth that seems unstoppable. And the Kjaer-Tomori couple, thanks to which Pioli can afford to keep Romagnoli on the bench, most of the time is like a silicone strip on the edges of a glass: it does not pass half a draft. That’s why that immaculate 9-game record is within reach. To give a temporal sense to the current row of 6, suffice it to say that the last goal scored by the Devil was that of Immobile in Lazio-Milan 3-0 on April 26, 2021. Sunday, the day of Milan-Cagliari, will be 125 days. In between were played Milan-Benevento 2-0, Juve-Milan 0-3, Turin-Milan 0-7, Milan-Cagliari 0-0, Atalanta-Milan 0-2 and Samp-Milan 0-1. We are talking about 543 minutes straight away.

Dry Cagliari

To catch the record, it is necessary to rewind the tape to the ’93-94 season. The first streak is of 7 games, starting from the first day of the first leg (Lecce, Genoa, Piacenza, Atalanta, Rome, Cremonese, Lazio), that record of 9 is always the same season – with Capello on the bench and the 929 minutes of unbeaten record of Seba Rossi -, which began on the 17th day (Reggiana, Udinese, Lecce, Genoa, Piacenza, Atalanta, Rome, Cremonese, Lazio: the series was interrupted by the “Foggia” Kolyvanov). In that season, Milan won the Scudetto, conceding only 15 goals. About armored door. Cagliari arrives on Sunday and Milan have not conceded a goal from the Sardinians in five league games. The last rossoblù smile – Joao Pedro – dates back to September 2018.

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