Z-Bike, Dallara’s handbike: Alex Zanardi’s dream comes true

Z-Bike, Dallara’s handbike: Alex Zanardi’s dream comes true

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Z-Bike, Dallara’s handbike: Alex Zanardi’s dream comes true

An innovative handbike model developed by Dallara Automobili on the push of the Bolognese champion was presented at the Tre Fontane in Rome

The Z-Bike, an innovative handbike model developed by the Dallara car manufacturer thanks to the commitment, as well as the technical and emotional drive, of Alex Zanardi was unveiled for the first time at the Tre Fontane sports facilities in Rome. A collaboration between the Bolognese champion and the house of Varano de ‘Melegari (Parma) that has lasted for a long time and is strongly linked to Zanardi’s first successes. A bond that has made it possible for the athlete to design a handbike model aimed at improving the performance of many para-cyclists and making the practice of this sport even more accessible to aspiring athletes. Thus was born the Z-Bike, unique in terms of ergonomics, dimensions, versatility, structure and weight, specially designed taking into account the physical characteristics and abilities that vary from athlete to athlete.

Z-Bike: the characteristics

The Z-Bike is intended for the Recumbent categories, from H1 to H4. The frame has been made of carbon fiber to maximize performance and reduce the stiffness of the bike. The handbike has been designed to be customizable. The numerous set-up adjustments, as occurs on racing cars, allow the vehicle to be adapted to any type of route. It is possible to adjust the backrest, the position of the bottom bracket, the footrest and the position of the fork, adapting perfectly to the needs of each rider. Thanks to the tests carried out with the help of well-known para-cyclists, the Z-Bike has been made more comfortable to allow the rider to feel in perfect symbiosis with the vehicle, especially thanks to the anatomy of the knobs that tire the hands less, allowing a grip. firmer and longer lasting.

The event in Rome

Guest of the village set up by the staff of Obiettivo Tricolore, the great relay of Paralympic athletes who are crossing Italy in these days, the Dallara “team” with the managing director Andrea Pontremoli. “Zanardi’s enthusiasm has involved us since the first moment he presented his project to us a year and a half ago. It was he who led the team, who pushed us to overcome all obstacles and set increasingly challenging goals every day. Today we decided to present this handbike in order to give life to Alex’s desire: to offer some more smiles to people who have had to face big problems, and in general to all sportsmen who want to try their hand at a new discipline. We can’t wait to have Alex by our side to see the Z-Bike whiz in competitions all over the world ”, Pontremoli’s words.

Also present was the wife of Alex Zanardi

Satisfied and excited the champion’s wife, Daniela Manni: “The Z-Bike project was born because Alex strongly wanted to create a highly competitive handbike at an affordable price for those who practice Paralympic sports. Dallara’s friends immediately made themselves not only available, but joined Alex with the same enthusiasm and passion. Already last year everything was ready for launch, but the dramatic accident that involved it brought all of us to a pause for reflection. Now, a year later it is nice that the Z-Bike becomes accessible to those who want it, it is Alex’s project, conceived with so much passion and to which he has dedicated so much of his time. The presentation video shot last year shortly before his accident is proof of this ”.

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