Zan bill in the Senate, immediately “incandescent climate” in the Chamber

Zan bill in the Senate, immediately “incandescent climate” in the Chamber

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Zan bill in the Senate, immediately “incandescent climate” in the Chamber

“There is already an incandescent atmosphere, I decide then, now I establish the list of interventions, I had done well to call the group leader. I take the final decision”. So the president Elisabetta Casellati, in the Chamber in the Senate, tries to keep calm in the Chamber. “There is no need to scream”, she then says to Pietro Grasso, who raises his voice, accusing Ostellari of falsehood. “My decision was already made, as emerges from our chat, I have already decided”, reiterated Casellati. “I do not accept – he explains – exploitation”.

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“We have the duty of the group leaders in the conference to verify if there is the possibility of a positive path that we can take together”, said the leader of the IV group in the Senate, Davide Faraone.

Meanwhile, a few minutes after the arrival of the bill in the Senate had been made the accounts on attendance. According to parliamentary sources, 3 senators are absent in the ranks of Italia Viva and 1 of the Democratic Party. While among the 5 stars, the absentees would be 9. “These are absences motivated by vaccines or diseases. This is the moment of our prevailing age group”, explains a pentastellata senator.


“Now let’s go to the Chamber, I report the work done in recent months, I try to tell things as they are, let’s see if there is willingness to dialogue and changes” of the Zan bill, said Andrea Ostellari, president of the Senate Justice Commission, to the end of the meeting of the body he chaired. “From a technical point of view, then it will be the regulation that will tell us what we can do”. “We – he underlines – want to arrive at a shared and voted text”. “Someone says that the bill was blocked for months in commission, it is not a real story”, he adds. “He spent over a year in the House before reaching the ok to the law”, remembers the Northern League. “In the Senate – he says – then there were several bills that had to be reassigned before being joined”.