Zapopan: Concludes installation of water nests

Zapopan: Concludes installation of water nests

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Zapopan: Concludes installation of water nests

Josefina Ruiz

Guadalajara / 05.09.2021 15:37:11

The installation of the first 600 rainwater harvesting systems of the Nido de Lluvia program was completed in the upper area to the north of the municipality of Zapopan.

Two months after its start, the program seeks to implement a water supply and use model in the areas of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area that lack their drinking water supply.

The system consists of connecting the roof of the house to channel rainwater to storage and, through a series of components, cleaning the water to obtain a very good quality supply source. With this water you can carry out domestic activities such as washing clothes, dishes, bathing and any other household need.

For this first stage, the selected colonies were Mesa Colorada Poniente, Mesa Colorada Oriente, Villas de Guadalupe and Mesa de los Ocotes.

In addition to this program, Rain Schools were added that in a first stage and in conjunction with the private initiative, rainwater catchment systems will be installed in 15 schools, benefiting just over 6 thousand students; and each year 4 million 391 thousand liters of water will be captured.

Subsequently, the water resilience strategy is developed in Jalisco, which includes the installation of more rainwater harvesting systems, as well as new ways of relating them to water and a new water culture based on sustainability.