Zelenskyy thanked and asked for more weapons in the British Parliament

Zelenskyy thanked and asked for more weapons in the British Parliament

Zelensky in the British Parliament thanked and asked for weapons

On February 8, 2023, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi (right) presented to the Speaker of the British House of Commons Lindsay Hoyle (left) a helmet of one of the best Ukrainian pilots, on which is written “We have freedom, give us wings to defend it.” "

London – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech in the British Parliament today that Ukraine's victory will change the world and deter all future aggressors. The performance was part of an unannounced visit to Britain, during which the leader of the country attacked by Russia was also received by the British King Charles III. The Ukrainian president thanked Britain, which is one of the most important supporters of Kiev, for the promised supply of tanks and the training of Ukrainian soldiers, and at the same time requested additional military equipment, especially fighter jets.

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Zelensky in the British Parliament thanked asked for more weapons

Zelenskyj in the Britishé he thanked the parliament and asked for weapons

Zelenskyj in the British Parliament thanked and asked for weapons

Zelensky in the British Parliament thanked and asked for weapons

Zelenskyy met with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in the morning when he arrived in England for a visit that was kept secret until the last minute. In the afternoon, the British legislators greeted him with thunderous applause, and the president thanked for the support at the beginning of his speech delivered in English.

“Thank you, Rishi,” Zelenskyj turned to the British prime minister. He reminded that Britain trains Ukrainian soldiers on Challenger tanks, of which London recently promised to deliver 14 to Ukraine.

Ukraine's top official emphasized that Britain stood behind Kyiv “from day one.” He then turned directly to ex-prime minister Boris Johnson, who was in the hall. “Boris, you united others when it really seemed completely impossible,” Zelenskyi said, after which he received another round of applause.

Zelenskyi called on members of the British Parliament and the world to provide Ukraine with fighter jets, which he called “wings for freedom”. However, the West has so far rejected it.

At the beginning of the month, London expressed the opinion that providing British fighters to Ukraine would be impractical, as it takes at least three years to train pilots on them. Today, a Downing Street spokesman announced that British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has been tasked with examining what machines Britain could give Ukraine. The prime minister's office described possible deliveries as a “long-term solution”.

Earlier, Zelenskyy handed the helmet of the elite Ukrainian pilot, whom he called “one of the most successful aces” and one of the kings of Ukraine, to the Speaker of the House of Commons, Lindsay Hoyle. The message “We have freedom, give us wings to protect it” was written on the helmet. “In Britain, the king is an air force pilot, and in today's Ukraine, every air force pilot is a king,” said the speaker.

Zelenskyj expressed his belief in the victory of Ukraine, which, according to him, will change the world and deter future aggressors. “When we win together, any aggressor will know what awaits them if they attack the international order,” he said. According to him, evil lost in past conflicts. “Russia will lose,” declared the Ukrainian president defiantly.

Prime Minister Sunak previously said that his government wishes for a decisive victory for Ukraine on the battlefield this year. “Our goal is to continue to ensure Ukraine's victory in this conflict,” Sunak said. “We will continue to support Ukraine to achieve a decisive victory on the battlefield this year,” added the British Prime Minister.

The unannounced visit to Britain is part of Zelensky's second foreign trip since the escalation of Russian aggression last year. In December, the president visited Washington and now, in addition to a stop in the British Isles, he also has meetings in Paris and probably in Brussels.

After appearing before British lawmakers, he accepted King Charles III. At the meeting at Buckingham Palace, Zelensky arrived in the same way as he did at the parliament or the US Congress in the military uniform that accompanies all his appearances in recent months. According to an official statement, he thanked the monarch for supporting Ukrainians who fled to the United Kingdom before the war.

In addition to refugees, Britain also accepts Ukrainian soldiers who undergo training at local bases. Zelenskyj was also going to visit them today.