Zeman was not enthusiastic about the information about Mynář's hunting in last year's nature reserve

Zeman was not enthusiastic about the information about Mynář's hunting in last year's nature reserve

Zeman was not happy with the information about Mynář's hunting in the mountain range

Illustration photo – Castle Chancellor Vratislav Mynář (left) and President Miloš Zeman in a picture taken on July 10, 2018.

Prague – President Miloš Zeman was not thrilled with the information that his chancellor Vratislav Mynář was hunting in the Lánská forest. But Mynář told him that his procedure was legal. Zeman said this on CNN's Prima News TV program, Partie Terezia Tománková. According to the Seznam Zprávy server, in the period from October 2019 to October 2021, Mynář caught 11 pieces of game for a total of more than a quarter of a million crowns.

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The server stated that, according to the inspection of the Supreme Audit Office (NAO), Mynář's procedure was contrary to the rules of the time. He was not invited to the hunt by the president, but by the head of the Lány Forestry Administration at the time, Miloš Balák. Zeman said that he did not know about it and asked Mynar about the matter.

The chancellor informed him that the relevant passage from the SAO's report was finally canceled and that it was regulatory free hunting. “I'm not a fool, I don't really understand people who hunt game for some prestigious reasons, on the other hand, Mr. Chancellor is a long-time hunter, so he didn't like it and succumbed to the temptation. It can't be said that I was excited about it, even though he claimed to me, that this is legal, because regulated hunting means shooting a maximum of 20 game, which would have to be removed anyway,” added Zeman. According to the records, the hunter caught two European deer, four Japanese sika, two spotted fallow deer, two mouflons and one roe deer.

The president also said that he did not negotiate with the governor of the Czech National Bank, Aleš Michl, about whether the current director of the castle protocol, Vladimír Kruliš, should join his services. ” he stated. In January, Zeman indirectly confirmed that Kruliš was heading to the position of director of the CNB office. According to a later statement by the director of the CNB's communications department, Petra Krmelová, the CNB's bank board has not yet decided on the filling of the position.

Zeman also commented on the future of his adviser Martin Nejedlý in the program. “I guess he's in the gas station business or something. So he's going to go back to that business,” he said. He added that Nejedlý's role at Prague Castle, where he had an office, consisted of economic diplomacy in contacts with Czech businessmen.

Zeman was often criticized for his choice of collaborators. Economic adviser Martin Nejedlý took part in a number of important meetings and foreign trips with Zeman, he is known for his ties to Russia and his admiration for Vladimir Putin.