Zink is eager to return to the world elite, he feels well prepared for the season

Zink wants to return to the world elite, feels well prepared for the season

Biker Ondřej Cink spoke at a press conference, April 26, 2023, Prague.

Prague – The best Czech biker Ondřej Cink wants to return to the world elite in the coming season. He told journalists today that he feels good about his current form and his return to the Spanish team Primaflor-Mondraker-Genuins (PMG), for which he already raced in 2018. He has also adopted the role of father to daughter Nela, born last July.

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“After that last season, I would like to return to the top ten in the World Cup, where I think I could ride last year, because despite the allergy I was able to ride in the top fifteen or twenty. The preparation for the season was there. I believe that I can ride in the top ten and I would like to have a peek at the podium sometimes if it works out. Then of course I will focus a lot on the World Championship,” said Cink.

Zink wants to return to the world elite, he feels well prepared for the season


He had a lot to choose from when looking for a new job. “There were more offers than when I was coming back from the road (in 2018). Even though I heard that everything is not ideal with the Spanish teams, I'm happy with the decision. When they (PMG) started back then, there were some problems, now after five years, however, I can say that they have worked a lot on the running of the team overall. I have already completed the start of the season with them and everything is working, I am very satisfied,” praised Cink.

Already in January, he felt in in great shape, but his preparation was again complicated by health problems: a cold, intestinal problems, a painfully bumped knee after a fall. All possible troubles revived memories of Cink's last season, which was also full of health ailments.

“I was still fighting with immunity and diseases. What was it? Maybe because the weight was down, I was one to two kilos below my competition weight, while at other times I used to be two or three kilos over. But now it's evened out. At least me they don't limit allergies. Hopefully it won't start like last year when I had big breathing problems. Two weeks ago I won a race in Austria, now this weekend I was fifth in Germany. I think everything will be seen in three weeks in Nové Město in Moravia ,” he looked forward to the home race of the World Cup, which is always one of the highlights of the season for Czech bikers.

It is in Vysočín that the SP will start on May 12 to 14. Until then, Cink will present himself during the coming weekend in Touškov. “I need racing intensity, so I don't plan to save my strength in any way. It will also be a test for me, the last race before Nový Město. Touskov is one of my favorite events, I like the track there a lot,” noted Cink.

How prepared he is at the start of the season, the best way to tell him is a direct confrontation with the best. “At the moment it doesn't look bad at all. I've had a few races and I have to say – even if I don't understand it – the races have picked up again. The wattage numbers keep going up and are higher than last year again. I feel good, but we'll see when the world competition will come together in one place,” said Cink.

The new full-suspension bike should also help him achieve better results. “Everyone knows that I'm a bit behind in technique, but this helped me. From the first moment I felt amazing on the bike. It has excellent rear suspension, I feel more confident, which of course I'm happy about. Just three days after I got the bike , I went to Nové Město to try it out. It's definitely a cross country bike and I feel great on it,” Cink enjoyed.

Thanks to his daughter, he also feels great mentally. “It took some of my strength away, but it gave me another motivation, that we are a family. And thanks to that, I was able to win the last national champion,” he recalled of the July race, in which he defeated Jaroslav Kulhavý, who was saying goodbye.

He also took over an imaginary baton from the Olympic winner from London. “Jarda meant a lot to my motivation in the past. He showed us that it is possible to compete in the world and be the best there. Thanks to Jarda, I always had that motivation. We were always fighting at home. When he finished, I am in the position of number one at home and I can motivate again me the younger competitors,” said Cink.

He calmed down with the birth of his daughter. “Although there is not so much rest at home, with a daughter it is of course different. It is quite demanding and I don't like to leave my wife alone in this. I try to help as much as I can. I enjoy it. I don't have to think only about the bike and racing. I was always thinking about training and races, suddenly I'm not even nervous before races. It definitely helps me mentally,” said Cink.

When taking care of Nela, practically anything will do. “Well, except for putting them to sleep in the evening, because the little ones are now teething, so it's a bit complicated. I'm giving that up,” Cink admitted with a smile.

During the meeting with journalists, the 32-year-old native of Rokycan took over a new Volkswagen Caravelle . “I'm really happy for that, because I'll load my bikes and my whole family there, so maybe they'll accompany me to some races,” Cink was looking forward to.