Zlín drew at Vyškov and stayed in the first league

Zlín drew at Vyškov and stayed in the first league

Zlín drew at the game of Vykova and stayed in the first league

Playoff for the first football league – return match: Vyškov – Zlín, June 4, 2023, Drnovice, Vyškovsko. Bienvenue Kanakimana from Vyškov and Antonín Fantiš from Zlín.

Drnovice (Vyškovsko) – In the away rematch of the tie for the first league, Zlín's football players drew goalless with Vyškov in Drnovice and after Thursday's opening 1:0 home victory, they stayed in the top competition. The 15th team in the league table did not lose for the fifth time in a row and averted the threat of the first relegation since 2009. The second team of the second highest competition, Vyškov, on the other hand, did not achieve a premiership among the elite.

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Zlín's coach Vrba made three changes to the starting line-up compared to the opening duel, the scorer of the only goal in the play-off double match against Dramé also got a chance from the start. There were two other players in Vyškov's starting eleven.

After a cautious start in the 17th minute, visiting Fantiš threw away the best chance of the first half, which was caught face-to-face by goalkeeper Kinský. His counterpart Dostál dealt with Bay's header a moment later.

Otherwise, unlike the match in Zlín, Vyškovský did not get into the game at all. The “Shoemakers” in addition to a solid defense had more finishes, but Simerský's header was inaccurate and Janetzký and Dramé also missed the goal.

Even after the change of sides, the image of the game in Drnovice did not change for a long time. Zlín controlled a narrow lead without any major problems, and Vyškovský seemed clueless. A hint of a chance came only in the 78th minute. Alégué crossed into the box, Zlín goalkeeper Dostál did not keep the ball the first time, but the home team did not punish his hesitation.

Moments later, Kinský flashed over the crossbar from Chanturishvili's long-range shot. After a short interruption due to thick smoke from pyrotechnics, in the 86th minute substitute Vukadinović beat the home goalkeeper. However, after the intervention of the video referee and the monitoring of the situation by the monitor, referee Berka canceled the goal due to Fantiš's hand at the beginning of the action.

The Zlín team did not put the opponent under pressure even in the final six-minute setup and drew 0:0 away for the second time in a row. Thanks to this, they averted the threat of direct relegation in Brno a week ago. Vyškov did not score in the third match in a row.

Jan Kameník (coach of Vyškov):“We didn't score the goal we needed. Today we just weren't as good in the offensive part as in the last game. Something was missing, maybe a little movement. The balls bounced off us, we weren't accurate in the final phase. We needed one more touch, we didn't hit the players in the spaces in between. On the other hand, we worked well defensively, except for one, maybe two situations, we didn't let Zlín into anything extra. That was, of course, the goal, to keep the situation where we have something to play for. Today, Zlín defended from deep block and we had a hard time finding a way. It was about a lot of inaccuracies. Unfortunately, we couldn't bring the match to a winning end so that it at least extended and we still had something to play for.”

Pavel Vrba (coach Zlín): “I don't know if it's a relief for me. I came to try to save Zlín. We managed to do that, so of course it's a success not only for me, but mainly for the whole team and the club. I'm glad that we succeeded and that next season, the league will be played in Zlín again. We had the advantage of a goal on top, of course that's a better game. I'm glad that we won the result at home, because Vyškov had more chances in Zlín. Today, the home team didn't get a proper scoring opportunity. In my opinion in my opinion, we played it with great experience. I'm glad that it turned out that there are players here too who are able to play the result they need. So far I haven't discussed with anyone that I should leave Zlín. I believe that this is an impulse also for next season. Players, officials and fans should make sure that it is possible. We could be in a quiet middle part of the table.”

MFK Vyškov – Trinity Zlín 0:0

Referee: Berka – Nádvorník, Hájek – Orel (video). ŽK: Srubek, Dweh – Dostál. Spectators: 4500. First match: 0:1, Zlín stayed in the first league.

Vyškov: Kinský – Ilko, Srubek, Musa, Němeček – Dweh, Štěpánek (65th Touré) – Kanakimana (72nd Lacík), Lahodny (72. Klesa), Alégué – Bayo (46. Vintr). Coach: Kameník.

Zlín: Dostál – Cedidla, Simerský, Didiba, Reiter – Kolář, Hrubý – Čanturišvili, Janetzký, Dramé (68. Vukadinovič) – Fantiš (88. Kovinič). Trainer: Willow.